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Hello developers, gamers, designers, and the rest of the people interested in computer games.

I want to announce that my game is released!!! Cheer!

After a few months of hard work and many liters of coffee my game is finally ready to play. I still got some ideas on how to upgrade and polish it, but my main assumptions have been fulfilled. I'm looking forward to hearing your reactions and opinions. Feel free to send me feedback and some pictures/clips of you playing my game. I think it will be one of the most satisfying thing to see how other people play my game :)

Creating game by myself I realized how many aspects you need to care about. But more new things, more new problems just give me more power and encourage me to solve them and do even more. I learned a lot so I want to share my results with other  gamers and creators.

I am hoping you will like it and support my work.

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Apr 24, 2020

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